Huangshan Maofeng Loose Leaf Green Tea

Tribute Huangshan Maofeng – Loose Leaf Green Tea


There’s an old Chinese saying “famous mountains produce famous tea.” Huangshan is one of China’s famous mountains and the Maofeng Green tea produced there is considered the best. Huangshan Maofeng Loose Leaf Green Tea is one of China’s top ten famous teas and often serves as the Chinese National Gift Tea.  It was presented to President Putin when Chinese President Hu visited Moscow in 2007.  Mr Putin reportedly said he cannot praise it enough.

Huangshan Maofeng Green loose leaf tea is noted for its amazing orchid fragrance and fresh, sweet taste. The dried tea leaves are yellowish green with a slight upturn, and covered with silvery hair. In its indigenous region there is a saying, “The first cup is most fragrant, the second sweetest and the third, the strongest.”

Our Tribute Huangshan Maofeng loose leaf Green tea is grown at an elevation of over 800 meters and is hand made of tea leaves picked from wild tea trees of the Yellow Mountain.  During ancient China, the Huangshan Maofeng of this kind was served as the Tribute Tea for imperial court.


Add a teaspoon of Tribute Huangshan Maofeng Green loose leaf tea into a cup, brew with 176°F water, and steep for one minute for delicate taste or two minutes for stronger taste.  Our Tribute Huangshan Maofeng may be brewed up to three or four times.


Tribute Tea Huangshan Maofeng Green Loose Leaf Tea from Huangshan, China


This product contains caffeine

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