Ceremony Grade Organic Matcha

Ceremony Grade Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

Gyokuro is one of Japan’s rarest and most treasured teas.


Our Ceremony Grade Organic Matcha Green tea powder is made from organic tea leaves of shade-grown trees in Japan.  It is made by forcefully grinding the fresh tea leaves under low temperature to a fine powder.  This not only preserves the original ingredients, flavor, and aroma, but its nutrition is easily absorbed by the body.

Matcha is a super fine Green tea powder, famous for its use in Japanese and Buddhist tea ceremonies. Now, it is one of the most popular and quality healthy teas in the world. Matcha is becoming increasingly popular in the international beverage and food market because of its versatility and health benefits. Matcha’s flavor blends well in dairy-based recipes and its powder form makes it easy to work with. Matcha is being used in ice cream, cheesecakes, cream cheese spreads, white chocolate, latte beverages, hot chocolate etc. There is no limit to the recipes that Matcha can be added to.


Pour hot water into a tea bowl, swirl it around and pour it out. Wipe the bowl completely dry. This will warm the bowl in preparation for the tea.  Depending on your preference of the thickness of Matcha tea, place roughly 1 teaspoon of Ceremony Grade Organic Matcha Green tea powder into the warmed tea bowl. Add roughly 1 cup of hot but not boiling water to the tea bowl.  Whisk the water and Matcha until the resulting drink is thoroughly blended and frothy.  This may take 1 to 2 minutes.  Drink the Matcha tea immediately, before the powder settles to the bottom of the tea bowl.


Organic Ceremony Grade Matcha Green tea powder from Japan


This product contains caffeine

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