Green Loose Leaf Tea

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We present to you our selection of Green Tea.  A cup of Green Tea is like Zen in a cup.  This unpretentious tea made from minimally processed leaves dates back to the time of Shennong, the mythical Emperor of prehistoric China. “Tea was medicine before it was a beverage,” and today this is validated by numerous scientific studies that cite the health benefits of this marvelous elixir.

This variety typically yields a light and clean brew.  Simple and yet complex, this brew is fully appreciated when enjoyed unhurriedly. Green Tea has exquisite flavors and numerous health benefits, which is why it is so revered and the star of Asian tea ceremonies.  Green Tea is of great importance and commands the respect of us at Tea Vue.  We are compelled to curate only the highest quality varieties of this majestic species to share with connoisseurs and newcomers alike.

Being a minimally processed variety, the region, altitude, weather conditions, and age and moisture content of the leaves after picking are all vital factors.  As with all Tea Vue loose leaf teas, the current offering has been hand-selected by the founders.


How should Green Tea be paired?

This variety is wide-ranging and can be fruity, smoky, and vegetal.  Matcha, a Green Tea in powered form, is highly sought after to drink and to include as ingredients in desserts.  When brewed with roasted brown rice, Green Tea can take on a nutty demeanor. This is a versatile brew that works well alongside fish, white meat, and vegetable dishes. You will find Agari served at sushi restaurants.  Fruits pair well with fruitier brews and smokier teas can round out heavier meals and those that are pan or stir fried. Regardless of your preference, make certain to take time to “stop and sip the tea.”