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    Pu-Erh Tea

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    The flavor of Pu-Erh Tea is deep and complex due to the fact that when properly stored it ages as does fine wine. This makes Pu-Erh tea highly sought after and a wise investment. It is collected like vintage wine and rare aged teas bring hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. In China, Pu-Erh tea is traditionally bought by or given to a father when each child is born. Each year on the child’s birthday, Pu-Erh tea is purchased. The investment of tea is then given as a gift or dowry when the child is later married – at which time the gift will be of considerable value. The large, broad leaves are harvested from ancient trees located in Yunnan Province of Southwestern China. Its heritage is rich stemming back to the times of Imperial China. Pu-Erh tea is of the post-fermentation variety and there are two categories: raw and ripe. The latter at times is also referred to as cooked. Great Tasting Raw Pu-Erh Tea – Try a Cup Today! The taste, aroma, and complexity of this tea are unparalleled. The brew is smooth and earthy and has greater dimension than other teas – the flavor improves and changes over time due to the aging process. The nuances of this tea make it difficult to articulate and can only be appreciated by savoring it. This tea can be brewed several times and each time a hidden dimension of flavor is revealed. Pu-Erh tea comes in many forms and preferably the leaves are pressed into the shape of cakes, bricks, squares, small domes, and even mushrooms and gourds. High-quality Pu-Erh teas typically are accompanied by certification of authenticity which is pressed in with the leaves. Excellent Health Benefits found in Pu-Erh Tea The health benefits of regular consumption of Pu-Erh tea are profound. Some of which are thought to be engendered by the fermentation process as well as aspects of the leaf itself. weight loss is one of the reported benefits and there have been interesting studies regarding the tea’s anti-microbial nature and high polyphenol content. Some attest to the tea’s anti-cancer and healing properties. helps to lose weight cardiovascular health improves bacterial flora in intestines lower blood pressure, blood sugar & cholesterol reduce stress/help with sleep high in antioxidants & anti-inflammatory properties Where to Buy Raw Pu-Erh Teas? At Tea Vue, we carry Pu-Erh teas only of the utmost quality. Our tea is brought to you straight from the grower and is certified for authenticity with the appropriate seals and designations. We carefully store our teas to maintain the integrity and to ensure that the teas age properly. Shop Online and Get Deals on our Best Pu-Erh Products: Below are some of the great varieties of tea that we offer here at Tea Vue! Have a look and pick up a few of the amazing types of tea available on our site. Enjoy the wonderful smooth earthly flavors and health benefits by drinking Pu-Erh tea on a regular basis.
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    Experience the quality loose leaf White Tea difference. Within the family of tea, White Tea has the subtlest of demeanors. Calm your mind and enjoy a cup today. Shop Tea Vue for our Silver Needle White Loose Leaf Tea.