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Welcome to our superior grade loose leaf Black tea selection. This variety has a tendency to stimulate the senses, awaken the palette, and inspire creativity. We can’t imagine fall foliage, cold temperatures, or holidays with loved ones without a cup of this brew. This type served hot is great year round, but is particularly satisfying and exactly what we need in cooler seasons. For instance, both Chai tea and the hot toddy mixture of spirits and tea use this kind of leaf as a base. During warmer months, Americans typically consume iced tea made with Black Tea leaves. Elsewhere it is consumed yearlong and is referred to as Assam, English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, English Afternoon, and many other names in China.


Learn More About Black Tea and Brewing

Black Tea is rich in history and is equally rich in character. The differences in flavor occur primarily from the processing of the leaves and therefore oxidization. Because of the oxidization process, the tea actually retains its flavor much longer than perhaps Green Tea, which should be consumed within a year of purchase for optimal flavor.

How should this Black Tea dark liquor be paired?

Pairing tea is not unlike pairing wine. Pairing Black Tea may parallel pairing red wine. In fact, Black Tea is actually referred to as “Red Tea” in China.

There are a few things to consider:

This type of brew is bold it can be earthy, smoky and sometimes a little fruity. “Earthy” types of Black Tea compliment “meat and potatoes.” We like to pair these with blackened meats and spiced foods. “Smoky” brews go well with red meat, blackened spiced meat, and other strongly flavored foods. This type of tea can work well with mildly sweet desserts, but not with overly sweet desserts. “Fruity” types nicely accompany desserts and help to cleanse the palate and enhance the overall culinary experience.

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