Herbal Loose Leaf Tea

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Welcome to our Herbal Tea offering.  These teas are primarily but not limited to leaves from various herbs and plants found the world over.  In addition to the leaf sometimes the root, flower, seeds, fruit or bark of the species could be potentially used to make an herbal brew.  Our current selection is leaf based.  Also, these beverages are usually caffeine free.  Whether it is the highly energizing Mate plant from South America, Jiaogulon from Asia, or Chamomile flowers from Egypt these plants are consumed for body and mind as well as for pleasure.

Herbal Teas usually do not garner as much pomp and circumstance as brews from the C. Sinensis plant from which comes White Tea, Green Tea, Oolong, Black as well as Pu-Erh but nonetheless they are still quite majestic  For instance, in South America Mate is referred to as the “Drink of the Gods” and in Asia ,Jiaogulan is often called the “Herb of Immortality” for its plethora of health benefits.

We hope that you enjoy the flavor as well as health benefits of these Herbals, and that you come to love these varieties as much as we do.