Budapest Infuser Teapot

Budapest Infuser Teapot

Classic and subtle Europen inspiration, the high-quality contemporary look of the Budapest is an elegant centerpiece for any table setting. The Budapest will make 4-5 cups of tea at a time, and the movable infuser allows you to raise it out of your tea to avoid over-steeping. Looks great with the matching Alexandria teapot warmer


Grosche Infuser Teapot – 1000 ml/32 fl oz/8 cup

The problem with many infuser teapots is that the tea sits in the hot water and continues to steep, while getting stronger and stronger until it no longer tastes the way you like it.  The Budapest Infuser Teapot solves that problem with an infuser that can be raised up when the tea is perfectly steeped for you, avoiding any over-strength or bitter teas.  Add more hot water into the pot, and just lower the infuser to steep your loose leaf teas multiple times.

Classic and subtle European inspiration, the high-quality contemporary look is an elegant centerpiece for any table setting.  It makes 3 – 4 cups of tea at a time.  It is the perfect teapot to perfectly steep your teas exactly the way you like them.  Goes perfectly with the Alexandria Teapot Warmer and together, make a lovely gift.

  • Elegant and Subtle European design
  • Raisable Infuser allows you to stop steeping when your tea is just right
  • Makes 3-4 cups of tea
  • Eye-catching and functional design impresses guests and provides great tea experience
  1. Remove the silicone cap and wire-mesh infusion basket.  Fill the basket with 1 – 2 teaspoons of tea leaves.
  2. Remove the black outer lid and fill the teapot with hot water.
  3. Replace the black lid, infusion basket, and silicone cap.  Steep for 1 – 7 minutes depending on preference and variety of tea.
  4. Remove the silicone cap and infusion basket to keep your tea from steeping further, and replace them to prevent spills.

Hand-wash all parts of the Budapest Infuser Teapot with soap and warm water. All parts are dishwasher safe, but take care as other items knocking into them may cause damage.  Wipe the body with a slightly damp cloth as needed, and dry with a soft dish towel.  Do not microwave.

Weight 3 oz

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